Confessions of a Florentine Pet Sitter

Simon the King

Simon the King

Simon liked to recline on the carpet, table tops or kitchen counter like he was the lion king of the pride, lording it over all his kingdom. And he did!  He enjoyed the rights and privileges of royalty.  He held his head up in that very regal position, yet his half-shut eyes still surveyed his surroundings.  I believe it was a sign of his contentment, he was a happy camper, secure in his position in the household, living a comfortable existence.  He owned the place. He was king of the land! He was a bright and  funny cat, well-loved by his family. And as his pet sitter, I spoiled him rotten! He had it made!

I fed him in bed in the morning when he didn’t want to get up. I cleaned his box after every poop. I poured in fresh litter when needed. I gave him special treats for being a good cat. I played games, took pictures of him, and tricked him into running from door to door to get his daily exercise. I let him up on the tables and counters, I lifted him up to the bathroom sink when he could no longer  jump up himself and fed him water in my cupped hand. I said Hello Simon every time he walked into the room, and every time I did, he raised his tail upright in delight! How could any cat not feel loved and not feel like a king with all that special attention?

This painting is Acrylic and enamel on canvas.  Only gold and blue, symbolic for royalty and aristocracy, are suitable for this aristocat. For this portrait I used gold enamel paint in the background, around the border, and in his eyes.   Eye-shine is when you cause a cat’s eyes to glow by shining a light on them. Sometimes they glow different colors depending on the cat’s original eye color. I used the gold enamel in Simon’s eyes as a symbol for his lordly stature and attitude. The blue in his eyes is a film covering a portion of his eye, causing partial blindness. He may have posed with his eyes half-shut most of the time to minimize the glare of bright light.

I wanted the border surrounding his portrait to reference King Tut’s gold funereal headdress. The blue, of course, a color of nobility and aristocracy,  is a compositional tool to work with the color blue of his name tag and collar.

© 2010 Susan Canavarro. All rights Reserved. Simon the King image and text.

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