Confessions of a Florentine Pet Sitter

Surveying His Domain

Surveying His Domain

Almost everyday Tai The Terrible worried about his domain. He wanted to know what was going on, who was in his neighborhood, whether there were any mice, rats, coyotes, or feral cats roaming the streets. Who was causing trouble? Did he need to prepare for battle?

He waited patiently by the front door until I let him outside. He wandered five or ten feet from the door where he could get a wide open view of his dominion. There he sat.  His platypus(s) tail lay flat-out behind him, a sign of his high status and breeding.  Excited to be outside, he looked left and right, and now and then twitched in place.  His overall appearance of serenity belied his seething tension, his readiness in every muscle for battle or flight. He wasn’t called Tai the Terrible for nothing.

After a while, having sated his hunger for interesting and exciting activities, the boredom set in. Time to find a comfortable safe place for his afternoon nap. Or perhaps try a little camouflage among the tall grasses and wait for his folks to turn into the driveway.

It was always a pleasure for me to return from doing errands and see Tai sitting in the tall grasses, waiting patiently. The green of the grasses set off his fluffy pale beige fur and his dark face.

This image began with three separate photos of Tai turning his head from left to right as his eyes scoured the neighborhood. With Photoshop I melded the three together to make one image. My sketch was of the digital image, with Ebony pencil.  As I worked the pencil lead smeared the background. Using an eraser, I drew in vertical and horizontal lines to give the background more interest.

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