Confessions of a Florentine Pet Sitter

Tweetie’s Birdmobile

Tweetie’s Birdmobile


Tweetie’s Bird Mobile – A special Habitat for Humanity Art Auction Project (sold)

Facing inevitable homelessness, Tweetie, renowned pillow maker and artist, at the last moment, in the last hour on the last day of her stay in a regular birdhouse, finally received a reprieve. A benevolent land-dove said she had a small travel trailer Tweetie could turn into a home. Old, with floors slanted in two directions, a decaying front porch, chilly and spider-porous louvered windows, and a water well that had a mind of its own when it wanted to stop pumping just after she had fluffed up her feathers with shampoo, even with all that, Tweetie envisioned its grand possibilities. Her land-dove gave her cart-blanche to transform it into her heart’s desire.

Tweetie gold-plated all four wheels on her new trailer with a floret design. Now known as the Birdmobile, it sits on a piece of wooded property that straddles a water-filled gulch. Fir and Alder trees tower above providing ample summer shade. An inviting mud puddle for the neighborhood dogs fills the bottom of the gulch. In the winter, the puddle becomes a pond where the dogs swim; sometimes on very cold mornings, it is their ice rink. From up on the roof, Tweetie watches them with alert laughing eyes.

She painted her Birdmobile’s exterior with lavender and bright-colored enamel paints, enhanced with painted potted flowers. With a narrow deck on all four sides with posts and railings made from twigs, Tweetie has places to hang her bird stuff. She has everything she needs: her chair, bed and mattress, ladder, spools for fabric and thread, an electrical outlet, her Phi Kappa Phi pin and a sponge mop—all the necessities of life.

Inside, Tweetie created a studio where she sews bizarre pillow covers with abstract designs inspired by modern art movements and her favorite painters. Unfortunately, due to limited space, there is no room inside to store furniture, so it rides atop the trailer’s shake roof. With a ladder, the roof is fully accessible. At night Tweetie can lower the furniture so she can come down to earth in her own front yard and lay on her bed, gazing up at all the Fir and Alder branches, or she can teeter and tweeter in comfort up on the rooftop. Tweetie has discovered the joy of having a place to call home.

Only one small problem, she discovered. Her ladder, stored up on the roof is utterly useless!

Oops, Tweetie says to herself, how the tweet am I going to get up there to get that ladder down in order to climb it? Oh, of course, that’s right she tweets to herself, as she flaps her wings in her ah-ah moment. I can fly!

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