Confessions of a Florentine Pet Sitter

Fort Bragg Landscapes

View of Pudding Creek where it meets the Ocean in Black and White Gesso

Fence – on the bluff overlooking Pudding Creek
Pudding Creek Trees On the Bluff
Pudding Creek Trees in Black and White Gesso

© 2012 Susan Canavarro. All Rights Reserved.

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Susan, I am enjoying your Fort Bragg stories and now your paintings too. I have always liked your trees, very Asian looking to me. I also like the black and white, something you don’t see that often in paintings, done very well.

Comment by jrwagenschutz

Thanks jacquie. I thought as long as I was writing about Fort Bragg’s dark side, I might as well show some of its better points! As I reviewed my paintings, it inspired me to work with Gesso again, and in black and white. When I had a show in Mendocino of these paintings, I thought those two black and white paintings would not be liked at all, but they were the first to sell and the young man bought both paintings at the reception. It was a thrill.

Comment by Susan Canavarro

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