Confessions of a Florentine Pet Sitter

Just Sittin’


A watercolor called Just Sittin'

 When I was a student at CSU Chico in 1992 working on my BFA, I took a life drawing class. Drawing the figure was not and is still not my idea of fun! You might say my drawing skills were a bit constipated.

For the final project we were to do a complete painting incorporating the figure. I, of course, had spent most of my time in class focusing on hands and feet, stuff I knew I could draw. For some reason, reaching for the character of “hands” and “feet” fulfilled my artistic expression regarding the figure. Anything and everything else was done with extreme pain and frustration.

So, I thought and I thought about what to do, all the while dreading the project, dreading having to draw the whole figure, dreading the professor’s criticism, and then one day while I was in the loo just sittin’, this idea came to me. Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken!

This painting is in the collection of one my CSUC watermedia instructors, and is hanging in the loo! Some people can say they have work in the Louvre in Paris; I’m proud to say mine is in the loo in Chico!

As a byline: after all my struggles with this painting and drawing the figure in general, I might add that, colored by my fear of drawing the human body I most likely created my own negative interpretation of the project’s requirements, and by happenstance, created one of my better paintings; one that introduced me to using painting to express my quirky sense of humor, and using it to look deeper into myself.

© 2010 Susan Canavarro  ”Just Sittin’” – All Rights Reserved. No copying or use of text or images without written permission from the author Susan Canavarro.

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