Confessions of a Florentine Pet Sitter

Mendocino Coast, Russian Gulch Bridge, Hwy One

© 2012 Susan Canavarro. All rights Reserved.

The Russian Gulch Bridge spans a deep gulch that opens out on to a beach and the ocean at the base of a well-known and liked State Park campground. The beach below the bridge provides some fantastic dramatic views of the bluffs and ocean. This was one of my favorite spots to paint. I photographed the subjects first and then painted in my studio using gesso and watercolor mixed on Rives printmaking paper, which is a softer and more absorbant paper. I used a limited palette of black, brown, yellow ochre, and white gesso on the bridge paintings.

The bridge base sits on a lovely little beach which is part of the Russian Gulch State Park and camp grounds. The narrow road winds its way down the cliff side from Hwy 1.  Half way down, I stopped to take a photograph looking through the bridge supports. From that photo, I painted this image.

This view is from the beach area, showing part of the bridge support overhead and some of the wet sand at low tide.  It is dark under the bridge, framing the spectacular light in the distance. The image below is from the same beach, providing a close up view of a massive main support pier, and more tree detail and definition of the distant bluffs.

Another view from under the Russian Gulch Bridge with more definition to the bluffs.

Below: View from Heezer’s Drive around the northern edge of Mendocino township.

Below:  Mendocino Edge. The edge is the coastline as it follows the famous Heezer’s drive, just at the northern end of Mendocino. Also one of my favorite painting spots.


© 2012 Susan Canavarro. All rights Reserved.


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