Confessions of a Florentine Pet Sitter

Three Bleeping Dogs


A black and white painting of three dogs startled by my flashlight in the middle of a dark night.

Three “Bleeping” Dogs, startled by my light.


 Three “Bleeping“ Dogs developed out of an experience I had while living in Fort Bragg, CA. It happened late one night when I heard the sounds of dogs barking and growling. I couldn’t sleep with all the cacophony, so I grabbed my flashlight and bathrobe and braved the dark night ready to fight the world and all its critters. I was nervous. I didn’t know what I would find out there, whether it would be a wild pack of dogs looking for trouble, or what.

Crouched safely on my side of the chain link fence, I shined my flashlight in the direction of the noise and there in the blackness of the night, three sets of beady eyes wide open stared back at me. Startled by my light, I had caught them in the act—two male dogs were trying unsuccessfully to have their way with the one bitch. They had been moving around in a tight circle, growling and barking as they turned, frustrated.

Me too, frustrated—for their noise was keeping me awake.

I recognized the dogs’ silhouettes against the dim light and knew them as belonging to a homeless man who wandered through town every so often. He and his dogs had taken refuge under the overhang at Paul Bunyan’s Thrift shop behind my apartment. Without thinking, I yelled into the chilly blackness, “Take those fucking dogs somewhere else!”

Suddenly, as I turned to go back to my apartment I realized that what I had said was a powerful slang expression of anger, and yet, in this instance, was also literal. Unwittingly, I had uttered a spontaneous double-entendre. I began laughing.

There I am, all alone in the middle of a very black night, no street lights, no moon, yelling and swearing at the dogs, the emptiness, anything and everything—howling in laughter.

© 2010 Susan Canavarro  “Three Bleeping Dogs” – All Rights Reserved. No copying or use of text or images without written permission from the author, Susan Canavarro.

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Susan, I’ve been in the mood to browse art sites this lazy afternoon and have really enjoyed your writing…again.. and your art…again. I love commentary giving reason for its creation.
I’ll be back…

Comment by Anonymous

Thank you Jeanette. I haven’t had much time lately to write or paint, but I am happy to hear you are going back to the blog.

Comment by Susan Canavarro

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