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RED anyone?
August 6, 2012, 4:32 PM
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This is my latest painting effort after a near two-year hiatus ( normally known as painter’s block) from painting. It is a 36″ square, 1 and .25″ deep stretcher bar. Acrylic on canvas.

The idea derived from a memoir fragment I wrote called Frozen Like a Block of Blood-ice. It only started with that thought and quickly took off on its own and turned into a geometric abstract. You’ll notice the squares/blocks are not precise squares, nor are the smaller ones centered in the larger squares. I don’t live in a precise world – physically or mentally!  The beginning of my dream-story is handwritten in the wide wine-red border, but it is not easily read. The text is more texture than story although the story is relevant. I did not intend for people to spend time reading the painting.  One couldn’t read my handwriting, anyway. Sometimes even I can’t read it! The paint itself provides areas of raised surface texture as well as areas of smooth layers of transparent washes of reds and greens.

One thing I didn’t remember is that red is a middle value color. On the grayscale red, in its various ranges of colors, will be of the middle to dark gray.  In color, visually our eyes see light reds and dark reds, but in the grayscale, it is all mid to dark gray. I proved this to be true when I changed the image to grayscale on my computer. 

Feedback is welcome if you feel like hurting my feelings! LOL

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