Confessions of a Florentine Pet Sitter

Whiskers Wins People’s Choice!


Whiskers – People’s Choice ~ Winner of 2014 Siuslaw Public Library Hang-It-All Exhibit.

Whiskers is really a cat named Brillo. He passed away two years so I didn’t think he would mind if I distorted his whiskers a bit.

I wasn’t at all sure this painting would be well received, and was very surprised to see it on the easel where the Library shows the winner.

Not to dampen the enthusiasm of winning Best of Show, I feel the people’s choice award is an important and coveted prize. I am very pleased to have received several over the past few years at this show and at other non-juried shows in Oregon. This award holds within it the affirmation that a piece of artwork, whether 2-D or 3-D, has touched people on many levels, and to me, if people find something, anything, in a work of art that they can relate to, then that artwork is doing its job of expression. That artwork is successful. As to reasons why people respond to something, those are many and varied. We cannot tell our viewers what to see or feel. Just hope that they do see and feel.

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